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NeuroMovement for lifelong vitality

Whole Brain & Body Fitness Package (Online)

Get Online Streaming access to this package which contains 4 new video programs: NeuroMovement for Whole Body Fitness, NeuroMovement for Better Balance, NeuroMovement for Healthy Dynamic Sitting and NeuroMovement for Better Breathing

Whole Brain & Body Fitness Package (Discs + Streaming)

This package contains 4 new video programs on 9 DVD's and also with online streaming: NeuroMovement for Whole Body Fitness; NeuroMovement for Better Balance; NeuroMovement for Healthy Dynamic Sitting; and NeuroMovement for Better Breathing.

Parent Child 5 Day Workshop for Children with Special Needs Streaming Video

This powerful program consists of 16 DVDS with over 23 hours of video. In this series of videos, you will witness the amazing transformations that are possible for children with special needs.
You will learn the tools to wake up your child’s brain for potent learning that leads to breakthrough results for your child—physical, cognitive, emotional, and social.

Free gifts

Fifteen-minute video
“Moving from Fixing to Connecting”
Four-page informational PDF
Two Powerful Tips to try with your child


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