FS- Functional Synthesis℠  1:1 lesson

Lessons (30-45 minutes) take place during the week between 9:00-14:30.  Lessons required outside of these hours are charged at a higher rate.

Home visit- lessons can be given at home.

Please contact me for prices.

FS Intensive

Both children and adults have been seen to make more progress after receiving an 'intensive', 8-10 lessons or more over consecutive days. About 4 weeks later another intensive would be given. This process would be repeated until it is felt that the length of time in between each intensive can be longer. One or two lessons a week can be given in between intensives, to maintain new abilities and progress. 

If possible you are advised to visit the Center in San Rafael, CA. for an intensive which can then be continued at BrainBodySense on your return. 

Once a lot of improvement has been seen the lessons can be reduced or just attended if a new challenge occurs. 

Please contact me for prices. 

TML- Transformational Movement Lesson℠ Group Lesson

£5 for a taster lesson and £45 for a 6 week block (6 hours).

Tel: 07871 160338

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